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iZombie vs. Taxes...

the government is looking for iZombie, i claimed my zombie as a dependent which i have had for about two years now. since he was reanimated around that time, i feel that was when he was born... now the government doesn't look at it that way claiming he is in forties, i hired a attorney with the hint of fraud and cheating out the government. and this guy, knows how to get the job done...

truth be told, filling late this year... but i say this every year...

on friday, the winners will be announced...


  1. Hi there, Saw your link at someone else's blog and took a chance. I'm glad I did! I love all things zombie. thanks



  2. @ morgan - boy oh boy, i miss boston legal... i went with a more latex mask art look, i have seen them like this. wondered if i could make one similar...

    @ Pat T - thank you, i am goin' to check out you blog rides... zombies are fun!

  3. I miss it too. I love the pic!


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