Beg The Bullet...

Beg the Bullet
People say I’m the life of the party, because I tell a joke or two, “lies”. They do this because they feel sorry for me they, truthfully can’t stand me. My so called friends went onto becoming lawyers, executives, or even spies. Me, I just work here trying to find my dreams, my meaning of life. We gather a couple of times and talk on the good old days when things were, you know, better. Always saying, your a great person things will improve, what the hell do they know, they have it all. Oh yeah, the support from my family that is always an award winning performance, go back, it will not work or the favorite “I’m just saying”. I have attempted to do many projects and the outcome was always quite dismal. So what is the answer? Become programmed to succeed like everyone or do I just beg the bullet?

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