Monsters Under the Bed...

Monsters Under the Bed
My dad says there are none here, but I see them. The lights exit and the night rolls in. First you here them scuffling near the closet. Then rummaging across the wood floor coming towards me slowly. I try to give them a sacrifice every time, but they reject it, they want my blood. If not mine then probably someone else, maybe mommy’s. I scream as loud as I can to ward off the evil that lurks, it seems to startle the first wave, but there are always others. I know they aren’t real, but do you really know for certain? I do believe that the savior is daddy. He always returns to the scene nightly, proceeds to turn the switch to the upright position. The creatures then seem to disappear just as quietly as they came out. I can’t forget what he tells me before returning to his chamber “go to sleep, it is only a dream, and remember don’t let the bed bugs bite”. I don’t think he understands the problem.

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  1. unfortunate that this was true for some of us..


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