Spider In My Head...

Spider In My Head
It started as a dream, well he thought it was a dream. It could very easily have been a nightmare. He was laying in his bed on the verge of dream entry, his eyes were focusing on a shape floating above his exhausted body. It appeared to be moving, but not very quickly, there seemed to be tiny creatures rushing back and forth on the stem of shape. Figuring that it was a figment of his internal thoughts he would let it be. Shapes started downward to the resting soul. He, still eying the unwanted crossovers, decided to play with the imagination at hand. So proceeding to reach for it discovering that what was a dream... wasn’t. As the shape unwound to become a huge unnerving pet feeding her children on something like hair of the unsuspecting victim below.


  1. even though you put spider in the title.....I had to read it anyway. I will never lear!


  2. this happened to me... really. i just made it more interesting...


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