iZombie vs. Joy Killer

Okay, today the lab was attacked by "Joy Killer"... the rumor is a truth well at least in her eyes this was just something she felt needed to be done. I heard a window in the back break, glass was on the floor... someone was in the house, worst they were still there. I will defend my house and the secrets I carry in the lab... I took action. I grab a bat, rope and a key... you all can figure out for each one was for. Swiftly I ran to the basement where he waits, with a turn of the key and click of a collar... I let him loose.

Running in the house up the stairs around the corners... Joy never knew what hit her, screams and terror was her punishment. I watched on the security camera as she fell... he was unstoppable and vicious... The screams stop, fear in her eyes... I let him be him...

I ran up to where they were bat and rope in hand... I had a smile. I knew it was over for Joy. I came up to them both and whacked him with the bat and tied her up... dragging them into the basement where I have new guest... and something for my zombie to play with...

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