iZombie vs. Jen...

Night was a special one, Jen out with friends only to discover, I was just a table or two over getting myself a "grasshopper" the man's man drink. My zombie safely secure on the other side of me, doing what he does best, staring at the living. My Zombie's eyes met Jen's eyes, within minutes he wanted off the leash... Jen was startled. Seconds seem to run into minutes, I lost control and he was loose, she didn't even know what happen until... it was too late.

I really need to take better care of my zombie, Jen being the new friend... who did not survive the zombie scratch... please visit "" and send her my sad regrets on my zombie's actions...


  1. I died drinking beer, so I am pretty happy. Sounds like a country western song!

  2. as long as you don't lose your mind...

  3. Remember kids: Never drink and drive and or pet zombies.


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