Child Proof...

Child Proof
Stealing in this store has doubled since the mandatory firearm’s law. Now they can’t get them unless your a cop or in the government. So the scum come here to lift the piece, until that one night back in December. He came in with the long black coat, sweating as if it were summer, looks as my life depends on it, in his eye. Asking questions so softly about the latest styles and hindering on my every move. Showing the best to offer, talking price, feeling the moment as he cased the establishment. Grabbing the piece laying on the counter raising it as if he were God. “Give me all the money or you will eat lead”, with carefully chosen words, he moved close. I pulled out the faithful weapon from under the counter, as he fired squeezing like a professional. You may have the gun pointed at my temple, but see, I sell the bullets, the barrel is empty, mine is not.

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