Surgery - Chatterbox '96

Sugar and spice and everything that is nice, but not in this place. These ingredients won't help you here in this place of repair. From the table of operations comes our patient, plucked from his fruitfulness of life. So many times he seems to be returning to this room, as if it was his destiny, and it is. Nurse, scalpel then hand me the Anastasia, no the other way around, I think? Check the pulse, let me know when it is the right time to proceed. Screams are not necessary, it will be over quickly, you can't feel the blade sinking gently into your temple. A complete removal of the scalp to expose the inside to the light is in your best interest. I have conducted this procedure many times and the rancid contents of your head is the worst yet. Nurse, the tray to put the yuck, the brain, the illness must be extracted. The clock is ticking faster, expiration is near, must double my efforts. Do a full probe of the inner layers to insure no future inflammatory problems, we will not return. Is he clean? Please scoop the remains, save them for a later date, then give me the torn noggin. Must get it on right, has to be a perfect fit, no room for error, this will reflect my practice.

Next phase of this reconstruction is to move to the facial features. Since the mishap, he needs this total rehash, but it will be a face only a mother would love. The eyes are crushed and need to be pried open with tenderness and these sterilized steel jaws. This will also dislodge the front lobes of the nasal passage to prevent it from collapsing. His mouth will be just as hard to replace as the brain, his teeth are few and far from originally planned. No skin to repair, the lips and gums, most were burnt and not much to work from elsewhere. Why do I bother this risky surgery, for the fame, the praise, or self satisfaction? Knowing that my work would be displayed for everyone to view, for the thirty-first tribute to the festival of witches. The flame from inside this art would shine brightly to the young colorful candy beggars, to show my participation in honoring simple evil.

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