iZombie vs. The Question Of The Day?

Do Zombies Grow?


  1. :D Had not thought of that. I really have no idea. Interesting question.


  2. because they live, yet are dead. hair and nails grow when you are dead, what about the rest??? i am going to HBA for the experts...

  3. I'd say true undead zombies wouldn't grow, as hair and nails don't actually grow after you die, it is the drying out of your body that causes your skin to shrink, whereby your hair and nails appear to grow.

    However 'viral' zombies would still grow, as they are still living organisms etc.

    But as always, to quote Chopper Read, 'Never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn'. Which means, it doesn't matter if a story has a child zombie growing old etc, as long as it's a good story people will still hang in there.

  4. nice... my wife the nurse said you are right... i think my zombie goldfish can live outside it's

  5. Interesting question.

    I feel that the vital bodily processes MUST continue to function in the case of the undead zombie, otherwise the zombie would continue to decay. And if the body continued to decay then all the humans in a zombie movie would have to do is hole up until the zombies just rotted away into nothing and bam, infestation problem solved. Plus they bleed when they're wounded.

    So I would say that yes, they must grow.


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