See, I really don't watch Glee.

My bad it wasn't Michelle Lee, it's Lea Michele and she was born in 1986 so not all the way 30... See I am tough manly man. So I do not watch this, nor do I really know any of the characters... and had to find the photos via the internet to make this happen. 

Now I will watch movies like Grease and Phantom Of The Opera, but a whiny bunch of kids singing in the school... no way. So for now I am going to run around the block, maybe lift some weights... watch me a cowboy movie with Clint Eastwood.... eat some Wheaties. Change the oil in my car, lift some weights... wait I said that... Crap.
Great Day... Strong Day!


  1. its alright, I dont watch glee either...

  2. Hahahaha, loving it. "I'm a manly man, I don't watch Glee!"

    If there was a Gloom, on the other hand .. THAT I would watch :--P


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