MMMM, Nice.... I Mean Crap...

Okay the answer for the "Who Am I Monday" is that 30 year old high school playing singer on the show "Glee" Michelle Lee....

Now I do not understand why this show is so popular, I don't get it... I tried watching it once and was like "Uggh" this is way to awful. Aren't these the kids who got beat up in your school, referred to as song birds.. canaries. Maybe someone got that it was her, and if you watch the show... and couldn't figure her out [shame on you]... well then my zombie skills have improved.

So my shoot was rained out for yesterday, will be trying again today... but I was able to take a series of very cool photos at Starved Rock, Illinois on Sunday that included some wild life including this "Zombie Horse". More of this very beautiful place coming soon... in the meantime don't get bit.

Your Friendly Neighborhood... Zombie-man,



  1. The Asian chick is 30 years old? Wow.

  2. I don't get the popularity of Glee either. Sorry the shoot was rained out, but looking forward to zombie horse.


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