iZombie Makes Some Noise @ It's On Random!

Hey Everyone,
   First, I got my first "Q and A" over at a fun place where there is art, weird stuff and zombies... and did i mention me? I was drive by blogging and came across "It's On Random" because we both shared our love for zombies. Britnie is a wonderful new friend and I encourage you to see what she has to offer, oh yeah read about me [on helium]... click now, click now... why are you still here.

Second, Alex from "" guessed my "Monday WTF answer is "The Edge" from the group "U2"... so he wins a prize. So you get a custom "z" dazzle zombie art from me of you, family, Kate or anyone you would like that I can get a photo of. Please email me and I will get started on it right away, so everyone have a grand weekend. 

Stay Out Of Trouble -Robocop

Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. Very cool, very cool :) Can't stop smilin today!

  2. I won!! Thanks, Jeremy - that's cool. I'll send you an email.


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