WTF - Monday?

Wowzers... Monday so soon...
I cannot believe it is Monday all ready, and me with out my rain shoes. I am suppose to go on a photo shoot today, but the darn rain is coming down. Though the shoot is in a horse stable, it is still very early and there is a chance it might clear up.

So I give you the "who am I Monday", it might be easy for those who like this television crap... me personally don't get all the happy or joy out of it. So guess who I am... there is a prize for the first correct guess.


  1. No idea on the photo. Hope the rain clears for your shoot. Can we expect zombie horses later?

  2. I'd let her eat my brains! lol.

  3. No idea who the zombie chick is. Hope the rain clears up. Happy Monday.

  4. So, no network TV for the FQ - so I have no idea who this is. Looks really cool though!


  5. Happy Monday!! Well for me it's now Tuesday :} I hope you had a great day and you were able to do your photo shoot. By the way I have no idea who that girl in the picture is lol.

  6. Um....Lea Michele?? She plays Rachel Berry on Glee.


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