Scare Me... Scare Me Lots!

Okay, it is Friday and I have not been here at all, the entire week I have been ghostin' my postin' and I will tell you why. Over at my other site "Two Thumbs, Eight Fingers" I have been setting up some great interviews with some greater people from all walks of life.  These have been taking up much of my energy, cause I wanted to make sure everyone gets the proper attention. So the interviews are coming and the reviews will be flowing, please keep your reading goggles on and stay tuned.

Above are images that scare me, not cause they are scarier per-say... just odd in a good way, I think.

01 - Jaleel White [Steven Quincy Urkel] is back and appears to be singing about "STD's"
02 - Jack Black, when did stop being funny?
03 - Prison time for Lindsey Lohan and the lovely Vanessa Minnillo, what is going on?
04 - Nicole Kidman from one of her early films "BMX Bandits"... yeah the hair, oh the hair.

Oh happy day... oh happy day!
Jeremy [iZombie]


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