Hello... I Love Cats and Cats Love...

Meow, Meow...Chomp!
Okay, I came across this in my travels and thought to myself here is a photographer or digital artist I would love to know. Such a creative and disturbing display and taking the innocent out of the innocent and for my in dose the job justice. Also I wanted to let everyone I have been ghost postin' for the last several weeks, life has been pulling me in all sorts of directions. So sorry for the lack of attention to responses and I hope to be back real soon, though I find it's more difficult to load up in one day rather than day to day.

Monday WTF answer is "The Edge" from the group "U2", there will be a prize for any winners. I should be back on Wednesday to look over all the post and the comments... of course I hope there are some comments.

Like Terminator says, "I Will Be Back"
Jeremy [iZombie]



  1. The cat photo is disturbing.
    And yes! I guessed The Edge.

  2. That's how my mom's cat grew up. That thing is hell on paws.

  3. Jeez, I forgot about that song! I love the kitty picture. Reminds me of myself, perky and sunny but has a dark side.

  4. That picture is fantastic. If I could put it as my wallpaper at work without getting fired....wait...why would I replace my wallpaper when some cool blogger made me the best wallpaper in the world (thanks again...for wallpaper...and the cool post!)



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