Working with Composers: Scott Glasgow, BC Smith and Stevan Mena

Brain, Brain...Go Away.

"House is in the House"
Happy Friday to All.
Hope your week has been going well and these crazy thunderstorms have not ruined your day. I wanted everyone to have a great couple of days off or to themselves, I hope you all have stopped by my review site to read all my great interviews with members of the cast and crew of "Midnight Movie". Just a couple more to go and I have filled the month of June with them, next month I have another series of with some great composers and directors. So if you have not gone, please do cause it is a jumping place.

So go there and leave a comment or two... heck follow me, you will not be disappointed.
Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. Sun is finally out today! May not have to build an ark after all. But will continue zombie-proofing my mall shuttle. Have a great weekend.

  2. I readily admit that I have a MONSTER crush on "House." Yum!


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