"C" is for THAT DARN CAT! [1965] - A to Z April Challenge [2015]

So what can we say about Disney? Holds a special place in some of our hearts, for the villains or heroes and or the beautiful look. I hope to share a little bit of everything in the days coming, maybe things you forgot about, maybe not and being part of the Co-hosting for A to Z Challenge we all remember Tina... a dear friend and sweet lady.

Please stop back throughout the challenge, can I encourage you to start following me on Google + and be a member. I promise to give you posts here on why we are all a little "Hollywood Nuts"! -Jeremy [Retro]

That Darn Cat! is a 1965 American Walt Disney Productions thriller comedy film starring Hayley Mills (in her last of the six films she made for the Walt Disney Studios) and Dean Jones (starring in his first film for Disney) in a story about bank robbers, a kidnapping and a mischievous cat. The film was based on the book Undercover Cat by Gordon and Mildred Gordon and was directed by Robert Stevenson. The title song was written by the Sherman Brothers and sung by Bobby Darin. The 1997 remake featured a cameo appearance by Dean Jones.


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  1. Enjoyed the clip. Such an innocent time. C for me would be Cinderella, not the one now though.


  2. I remember that movie. Picking some unique ones, Jeremy.

  3. Haven't seen this movie but it sounds interesting. Will have to watch it sometime.
    Suzy at Someday Somewhere

  4. Y'know, I don't think I've seen this one :) I usually enjoy a good Disney comedy.
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

  5. I don't think this is one I've watched all the way through. I'll have to change that. Great post :)

  6. LOl my post today is C for Cider With Rosie.... and CATS! I'm number 590 on the list - so far enjoying the fun!

  7. I loved that movie. Watched it many times over the years. A lot of good laughter and hey, it had a cat as a hero. Pretty good.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  8. Gosh I'm old because I do remember seeing this movie. So many Disney movies were so light hearted, fun, made you laugh, good family entertainment indeed.


  9. I am starting to arrive to the conclusion that Americans are overwhelmingly cat people. Haven't even heard about this one, though...

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    Multicolored Diary - Epics from A to Z
    MopDog - 26 Ways to Die in Medieval Hungary

  10. I actually haven't seen this movie since I was little...maybe it's time I watched it again! Thanks!

  11. The newer remake of That Darn Cat with Christina Ricci was funny.

  12. I didn't love the remake as much but the original was great!

    Good luck with the 2015 A to Z Challenge!
    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy

  13. I don't believe I've seen this old Disney movie. Now, I gotta check Netflix to see if it's available for streaming. Thanks for reminding me!

  14. The ideal of calm exists in the mind of that darn cat.

  15. I love Disney <3
    This one here though is way behind my time :D
    I'd still say C is for Cinderella (the cartoon movie) if somebody asks me. My favorite in that though wasn't the cat, it was the fat adorable mouse Gus Gus :D

  16. Really enjoyed this one as a kid. I just might be in the mood for it now. :)

  17. I'd forgotten that movie. It was fun. Maybe I should see it again. I'm loving this return to Disney you've got going.

  18. You are going retro! I've never seen this one. (I'm a dog person, you know!)

  19. Oh my gosh. I haven't seen that movie in ages! I think I watched it in college? The 'clue around the neck' makes me think of the dog in Men In Black haha
    ~AJ Lauer
    an A-Z Cohost
    @ayjaylauer on Twitter

  20. Sounds like a great movie that I've never seen. Now I'm on the mission to find it...
    Evalina, This and that...

  21. Oh I just saw this film last year with my best friend. I loved it! Great pick!

  22. The only thing about this Disney post that's even remotely familiar is Robert Stevenson. That Darn Cat sounds like a funny name for a movie title and after reading the description, it fits the plot to a tee. I'm all for funny comedies but can't say I'd watch this one but am glad you posted something about it 'cause it's always fun to learn about movies from back in the day. Gotta say...I do like the's cute :)

    A to Z Challenge Co-Host
    The Madlab Post

  23. I know I saw this when I was a kid but darned if I can remember it.

  24. DOWNEY? my husband taught in Downey for more than thirty years
    Warren HS? Tom Stoner??

  25. That's a fun movie. I pretty much like any movie with Hayley Mills in it, even when Dean Jones is in it.
    Cool post. I didn't learn to swim until I was in high school, and then I became a fish.:-)
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  26. I love this movie. Not many people I know seem to have seen it - glad to see it listed here!

    2015 A to Z Blogger
    Visions of Other Worlds

  27. I LOVED That Darn Cat! I ranked up there with North Avenue Irregulars and The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh as Disney movies I loved as a kid that weren't animated. Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

    Hi from Nagzilla bloghopping A to Z

  28. Wow!
    This looks really bad!
    Cats can't be spies! They sleep too much!

  29. I've never seen this movie, but it's definitely on my list now that I've seen the trailer. Thanks for sharing! :)


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