FEARnet: Trick 'r Treat... Countdown to Halloween!



SANTA MONICA, CA - September 25, 2013 - FEARnet is taking over the Halloween scene this October, with “FEARtober: 31 Days of Treats,” serving up 31 days of movies, short films, exclusive downloadable content, polls, and prizes, highlighted by the fan-favorite 24-hour TRICK ‘R TREAT Marathon on Thursday, October 31.

Putting a unique twist on holiday traditions, FEARnet has created an online advent calendar detailing the multitude of offerings fans can enjoy as they count down to Halloween. Throughout the month, fans will be able to head to for Halloween polls, free themed movies, and downloadable content featuring TRICK ‘R TREAT and TALES FROM THE CRYPT-themed pumpkin carving stencils, as well as e-cards and paper dolls depicting TRICK ‘R TREAT’s iconic pint-sized mascot, Sam. The website will also be streaming a variety of short films, including a series of shorts made exclusively for FEARnet by TRICK ‘R TREAT creator Michael Dougherty, illustrating the rules of Halloween, and the gruesome consequences that await those who choose to ignore them.

Additionally, with the Free Stuff FEARtober Sweepstakes, fans will be able to enter for a chance to win daily giveaways, with prizes such as DVDs of TALES FROM THE CRYPT (Oct. 2), the FRIDAY THE 13th Collection (Oct. 13), and the SAW Box Set (Oct. 26); GEARS OF WAR 3 and BIOSHOCK videogames (Oct. 24); a special TRICK ‘R TREAT giveaway (Oct. 31); and much more! There will also be a “Day of the Dead” Sweepstakes from Tuesday, Oct. 1 to Monday, Nov. 4, with a loaded prize pack featuring a 40” LED EX620 Smart TV and a Bloggie Touch Camera.
On FEARnet’s linear channel, viewers will be able to enjoy a crop of genre hits to get them into the Halloween spirit. Featured films include the beloved ‘80s classic THE MONSTER SQUAD (Oct. 6), as a group of preteens must save their town—and the world—from a team of horror’s greatest villains; the found-footage shocker THE LAST EXORCISM (Oct. 16), about a fraudulent preacher who finds the Devil in the details; DETENTION, starring Dane Cook and Josh Hutcherson, a genre-bender that mixes high school drama with slasher flick thrills and time travel; the supernatural smash, INSIDIOUS, about parents (Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne) whose son is trapped in the realm of the dead known as “The Further”; and TRICK ‘R TREAT (Oct. 31), the acclaimed anthology series where killers, ghouls, and werewolves converge for Halloween night mischief.

Got home the other day and there was a wonderful box sitting staring at me and I thought I would share... like the inside of a pumpkin here is the guts... I got some great candy corn, some pumpkin stencils, a paper doll and a great day to day calendar that will reveal the Halloween movie of the month on FEARnet!

So have you ever went Trick or Treating and had some kid steal your bag of candy, did you steal a bag of candy... are you one of those kids? Oh I did get the sucker/lolipop that my wife and I are fighting over... she wants to eat it, I want to collect it...
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. I loved the Trick or Treat movie! Ozzy Osbourne played a TV Evangelist! good times.
    When I was in college we would go pumpkin snatching late on Halloween. We figured we were doing the people a favor by getting rid of their pumpkins before they began to rot. After we had them we would drive down the interstate and let them go!

  2. Looks like you got the same box of goodies as me, old friend! Happy holidays!


  3. Now that is interactive Internet! I'm going to have to check it out.
    And I went to see that movie when it came out,,,

  4. no, sadly, we don't have trick or treating, nor any other holiday here :(

  5. Dezzy, everyday's a holiday with you!

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun for fans of Halloween. I'm not a fan...I did trick-or-treat until high school, and enjoyed making my costume a lot more than the candy. Even back then I couldn't eat sweets.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  7. Those are truly awesome! I remember that back then the bags of candy got so heavy they would break and we had to double bag or go home and get a new bag. But had to find a good hiding place otherwise someone - I had five brothers and sisters - would steal it - so hiding it was imperative. - Actual candy bars were enormous - not they're barely one bite. So not fair! But afterwards exchanging favorites was also fun. It was the one time we were allowed to eat till we were sick! The candy never lasted long - but Mom and Dad stole almost more than we ate! LOL

  8. Lucky people who got that box, or who even get FEARnet. I still don't. Just have to placate myself with the Trick 'r Treat DVD I do have.

  9. Fear not, FEARnet. I shall duly share this posting. Halloween is not a big deal in Britain. Well not in so far as trick or treaters. A lot of my neighbours seem to think that Halloween is everyday.


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