Countdown to Halloween and the Stupid CAPTCHA...

Okay I have visited a handful of participants of the "Countdown to Halloween" and found many of them have the stupid "CAPTCHA" on. If that weren't a pain they also have the "Owner Approval for Comments" on to and you ask yourself why both... I get it you want to protect yourself.  

People are going to be turned away and I am one of them, so people let me explain. Turn off the "ANONYMOUS" comments this will keep spam down, leave the "Owner Approval" on if you want if you need to. If you don't know how to turn it off, please ask... here are the basics:

For Blogger:

One: Go to Settings, then go to Post and Comments, then go to Comments and then set to  Registered User - (includes OpenID)

Second: Comment Moderation this is up to you, I set mine to "Sometimes" after 15 days.

I try to be very involved with the things I join and this is a hinder that slows me down and for sure will slow my wanting to comment. Keeping it fun, keeping it safe... if you still have any questions please do ask or email me. I have been doing this for a long time and have helped many sites build the perfect place... I too can help you!!
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. Comment moderation is understandable but a total barrier to engaging in a flowing conversation in "comments". CAPTCHA is just a total pain in the posterior

  2. LOL... I posted about this some weeks ago - glad someone else has joined me in voicing their irritation at these double-header security measures.

    Stay calm, think of your happy place and take deeeep breaths ;)

  3. All it takes it no anonymous comments. Owner approval if absolutely necessary, but no word verification!
    How many times did we tell people that during the A to Z Challenge...?

  4. captcha is devil's business and needs to be purged!

  5. Robots and Bloggers Against CAPTCHA. Together we can make a difference. There's a badge on my blog if anyone would like to join the revolution. I also have a "This is a CAPTCHA Free Blog" button. Help yourself.
    J - shout-out to you in todays' IWSG post. You inspired me. It's linked to your Muphey Saga post.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  6. I am an android -- NO! NOT THE PHONE. Sigh. I am an android not a robot, and I feel oppressed! :-)

    Yes, I hate CAPTCHA with a vengeance as the dim numbers and wavy letters make my eyes water. Funny but true post. :-)

  7. Okay, I did what you advised. Thanks for the advice. And I have to say, that Mothman dude creature above is freakin' creepy!

  8. I'm surprised people still have Captcha on. It is annoying, I'll admit....

  9. Where did the mothman come from? I took your advice and turned captcha off. I don't want to turn off comment moderation because people will put spam and unwanted advertisements in my comments. (Surely, that is just as annoying as captcha)

  10. Is captcha really that bad? It's never bothered me that much.


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