ALL MY BOOKS are Cut in HALF! and the Stumping Question for "George TAKEI"!!

Yes you heard it right, I am offering all of my books for almost half the cover price... why "CAUSE I AM INSANE". This would be the right answer if I was really insane. You may have noticed I shutdown the "BOOK TOUR" early and that was due to some unexpected "LIFE" issues, so for that I thought I would offer all of my books again... for less. Buy One, buy them all... [CLICK HERE]...

Second you might have been following the tour and some time ago I asked George Takei of Star Trek fame a question that stumped the man. For whatever reason I have been teasing the response of what I asked the him, now it's cool I was able to do it... but first.

On the 10th of this month I was interviewed for a "Halloween" spectacular for "Defending the Pen" hosted by Yolanda and I wanted to share her site and my responses. I guess I made a little stir with my responses as I thought I might. I know I scared myself too, so maybe you might as well.

I hope the response I got from George Takei is worthy of making you all wait so long and the fact that I made him smile.. though he was a cool person, him and Nichelle Nichols both were. So I asked the man his shoe size, as he laughed and said no one has ever asked him this... yup that's it people... shoe size. Was it worth the wait?

Have a great day, make the best of it! So please go take a look at my books, my shirts and my interview... thank you all for all that you do.
-Jeremy [Retro] 


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  1. What a generous person you are,


  2. Hey, it made him laugh! Did he answer? Or did you really stump him.
    Caught your spot with Yolanda already - brilliant answers!
    Hope you sell a bunch of books at half price. And t-shirts - I plugged your store today.
    Take care of yourself, Jeremy.

  3. what inspired the shoe size question, J-man?

  4. He was a kind man. William Shatner would have said, "It's the same number as your I.Q." ! I hope your life issue is quickly and as easily as possible overcome. Always your friend, Roland


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