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Special... Sunday Post... Ring-a-Ding!

Is the SIGNAL... coming in?
So I am a featured guest over on "Virginia Wright's" personal site and I would you all to stop on over... read about your favorite retro-nerd. Yes, that would be me... she is also featuring a world of other talented authors, artist and people you should know. [OVER HERE, OVER HERE...HEY, OVER HERE]

See you all for are regularly scheduled program and Monday is a Doozy!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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  1. send a limo for me and I will pop over :)

  2. Dezond dreams big, doesn't he? Of course, I dream of a date with Olivia Wilde! Hey, that could happen -- but not in this reality!! :-)

    1. you just need to call the right limo service, you know :)

  3. Just went over there. Great interview, Jeremy!

  4. I'll pop over. Blues Brothers is on of my favorite movies.



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