Draw... things in 3-D I will show you!!... Knock...Knock...Apocalypse!!!

Now draw this and send me your finished pieces! It's the end of the world people... I am planning the ARMAGEDDON... zombies are going to show their faces. Yes I don't either, so stop drawing... and get yourself to cover. More details coming, so what does this image have to do with anything, nothing... I just could not come up with anything.

NEWS FLASH... WE ARE COMING TO AN END THIS FRIDAY... what are you going to do, where are you going to go... go here... here I tell you... get the rules... join up... be cool, what might your last thoughts might be.

Shannon: The Warrior Muse
Chuck: Apocalypse Now

Join up, be one of the cool ones... they asked me to join them, I would have jumped at the chance but... my accident thingy is flared up for trying to catch up last week... I am in my own personal hell.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. Jeremy, I'm sorry! I can't participate in the blogfest either although I will be reading the entries.

  2. what? What? You mean you is not going to save us from the zombies? We was misguidedly relying on you saving the world??? What kind of a superhero you is?


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