Jeremy Renner and I "What do We Have In Common?"

We both loved the outcome of "The Avengers" film... and we both share the same first name. Lame I think so, but he is much cooler in his world and to be able to hang with the lovely Scarlett Johansson... me I just get to imagine myself hanging with her...

Okay story time, but it's a true story...
Back in 2006 I just newly married to my lovely Mrs. Zombie got into a serious car accident [not our fault] where we me, my wife and mother got flipped one and a half times. I was able to climb out of the back window of the vehicle and pull my mother and wife out of the driver's side door. We all had different injuries from my mother getting hit in the head with the tire kit to myself being the most severely damaged. I sustained four neck bones out of place [permanently] that I had 6 months of physical therapy.

Now every year as it gets colder, my neck, shoulder and fingers become easily dislodged and cause what hell I have been having the last couple of weeks... Now you may ask yourself why didn't they just aline the neck bones to be right, the doctors made claim it was never going to be right... that it was going to do what it's doing now... 

So I just wanted to share my personal life just a little with you all... I am limited to my typing and my sleep as of late and I [as a man] think I can do it all and this year would be different... wrong. So it's in it's last legs of being at the worst part, and I am happy for that...

I wanted to thank all of you... who asked and sent good vibes to me, you all know I got them all. I will be back to some sort of normal "me" whatever that might be. We did win the cases the only problem we had was it was the same insurance company and sadly the same agent... so we got screwed.

-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. That you all walked away is a total miracle. Sending 'warm' prayers your way that your body feels better soon.
    And you're the cooler Jeremy.

  2. so disturbing to hear the story of you accident and see the pics, J=man :( This is one of the reasons I refuse to drive a car :(

  3. Jeremy I had no idea how much you have in common with him. It's amazing you were able to save your family Jeremy. You're a true hero. He's a movie hero. BTW You should join our blogfest. Sign up!

  4. That sounds horrible! Spinal issues are the worst. One more thing you and I have in common, unfortunately. Theaters, spine issues and car accidents. My big one was in 2003. I'm glad you were able to get your family out.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse


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