My shoulder is almost back something I like to call "Computer Elbow" from a car accident where four tiny bones got out whack... now if I over do it. Welcome in the Pain. I cannot type so much, so that is why this weeks post suck, wife said if I am not better by next week... trip to the doctor.

Okay, today I wanted to share my experiences behind the scenes of the film "Man Of Steel", which the town of Plano, Illinois hosted. I was walking around the set pre-actors, cameras and destruction. I thought I would share the year 2011 and then follow up one year later 2012. So before and after shots... if you find it interesting I can make more. Also silly side-note: the blue pick up truck in the trailer [below]... I leaned against it when it was sitting on the street across from the house, so my butt print is going to be famous.

Want my autograph... imagine what would look like!!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. I want your autograph! Only if it doesn't hurt to write it. Very cool you got to go behind the scenes.

  2. you had an accident? So sorry to hear it, J-man! :(

  3. Great pictures! Sorry to hear about your injury. Take it easy.

  4. Good pics of the town of Smallville! That sucks Jeremy. Car accidents can really be nasty. Hope you don't have to go the doctor.

  5. Man, I hear you on the accident. I just had one myself a couple of weeks ago. Yikes! Hope that shoulder stops hurting.

    Fantastic pics! And will it be an actual signature autograph or a butt print from the copier? ;)


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