Days of the Dead: SHOW AND TELL! Part II

Just a few more great and wonderful people.... you must be asking yourself how many photos did we take? Well there are still the famous people, products and a few other gems. If you guys click over to the HOWLIN' WOLF... look around for the centipede...

To find out if this is coming near you click:
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. The dude dressed as Ash is cool.
    Really dig the photos - thanks for sharing them this week.
    And I may have a surprise for you today...

  2. one of them loonies forgot to take a knife out of his head!

  3. I am sure your Apocalypse theme would be easily figured out. I know Shannon asked of you wanted to help co-host our Apocalypse blogfest next Friday but hopefully you can participate with a good Zombie yarn. Here's the dertails...

  4. Love these! It's coming to the east coast but it'd be quite a drive!


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