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Cat's Meow!!
What is up my brothers and sisters of the bloggin' community? Good things are happening here, got some news coming that I hope will change you visit here more memorable... well for me. I wanted to share a couple of things you might want to know and things I would like for you to know.

A to Z is Challenge coming in April 2013 and I am still helping out where I can, I got my hand in the redesign to make it more of a snappy place. Also we have some new co-host faces, so we thought we would get a jump on "getting to know your A to Z co-host" questionnaires up early and we need your help. So [click here] to get your questions answered, come on don't you want to know. I would like to know a little more inside about this great team and it might help me come up with another great theme...

At the start of the week and some great luck I had an interview with "Chris Sarandon" star of voice, movie and stage over on the "Howlin' Wolf... so if you have not read [and commented] please... do. I have some more interviews with more great people and I wanted to kick it off with some big names.

My great friend Alex J. Cavanaugh is the focal point of his own blogfest "Day the Ninja Died"were we get to share our special love for the man. For more details and learn more about Alex and maybe join this nice tribute click [NINJA]...

So it's going to be a busy time around here and so much to do before the holidays, what are some of your silliest holiday traditions... we at the Retro-House over eat of some wonderful Chinese food from our favorite place... and watch the traditional "Scrooged" film.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

Check out the latest reviews, music and scores/soundtracks at Howlin' Wolf Records: On-Line Magazine or find the latest horror sites over at Horror Blogger Alliance. Or last but not least visit My NEATORAMA Store at [Retro-Zombie] there is always something going on and it is one click away!


  1. At least you went with the accurate title for the blogfest.
    The interview with Sarandon was great.
    Think we're getting some more questions at the A to Z site now. I had a question about being a rock star but I don't think Shannon took me seriously...

  2. oooh, always loved that video with Walken

  3. LOL, Alex.
    Our family traditions are to watch It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story, and eat ourselves silly two days in a row, one Swedish, one American. We don't do gifts unless it's for kids under 18. Spread the love in other ways...

    My question:
    How prepared are you for the Zombie-pocolypse? Seriously? Are you a prepper?
    Watched a great show on that. A bit disconcerting, but highly entertaining.

    Tina @ Life is Good

  4. Christopher Walken can brighten up my day in any circumstance! I can't wait for your A-Z, I love yours!

  5. That video is so funny.

    All set to roast Alex on Monday.

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  7. Lots of good news Jeremy. You always have great interviews, so I'm headed over to Howling Wolf. "Can you dig iiiiiiit!"


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