Cosplay at the Kollision Con... and I Thought I was Cool!

 I remembered it being called "Dress Up"
So this was a fantastic time, I think we met over a hundred cool people at the "Kollision Con" and this is the first group of photos. I wanted to thank the Kollision People, they sure know how to host a party.. still I found myself lost in some of the characters. Many of these people had no problems correcting us, so for that I thank them... So here is PART I...
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie] 

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  1. That third one is really wild - and well done. And the red-white-blue outfit would look great on my wife.
    Yeah, when we were younger, you only dressed up on Halloween.

  2. ah, some people really don't know how to match their outfits with a horned headpiece... I mean how difficult it is to style a Satan?

  3. Sounds like a rocking good time. I'll bet Loki got a headache though.

  4. Hey any excuse to dress to excess is pretty cool.


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