To Alex J. Cavanaugh... My HERO!!

Greetings…. Today is a special day a tribute of sorts to a good person, internet brother and all around cool man. Of course I speak of Alex J. Cavanaugh who outside of being blog superstar, I find myself asking who is Alex, what does he look like, where is he from and is he a he even… maybe a robot. Robots don’t really have a gender, they look like they do… but really they are parts and pieces. I know he is a man I have seen the photos… not what you are thinking… Head-shot people. So I give you my thoughts and praises to a person I think you should know… Alex J. Cavanaugh.

-So what does he look like?
My first thought was a mix of Tom Selleck [without stash] and Gary Cole… wait that is who I am.

-If there was a documentary of Alex, who would play him?
I say Gary Sinise, cause just like the look…I believe this is how he might sound..Gary is Cool. 

-Next who does he remind me of?
I think I covered that in first two questions, in a totally manly way…that’s right manly, yes sir manly.

-The Story...
In space Cavanaugh and Cosbolt are two travelers that fly around in their ship known only as the “IWSG” looking for intelligent life forms. It has a ninja cloaking device that when turned on sounds like a guitar gently weeping…

…Wait what the hell, what do you look like? You are one sneaky bastard aren’t you… you got to be some type of robot. I have tried to visit the places you go on a daily basis, how the heck do you do that. I am coming to your house for coffee and danish, so give me your address. :)

Dear Mrs. Cavanaugh…
Thank you for letting Alex following his writer’s dream and letting him play in the big blogger sandbox. He shares his wit, toys, humor and gives back to the community that we all are trying to be heard in. 

It's an honor... sir Ninja!!
-Jeremy [Retro]

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  1. Kate and Rush!!!! Score big for the Retro-Zombie.
    I think Sinise is cool as well. Now that we know what we look like, Mr. Selleck-Cole, we can find each other at a horror con.
    Jeremy, you just rock. Always got your back, man.
    I'm snagging that banner as well. All of them.

  2. I know for sure he'd marry Beckinsale if he weren't already married!

  3. I like your take on this one, Retro-Z. When you go see Alex I want to go too--then I can meet you both.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Great shout-out for Alex and his wife. Awesome job on the banners too! The second is my favorite.

  5. Love these banners! And you got his faves in with Rush and Kate. High fives, my zombie man. ;)

  6. And so you look like Tom Selleck and Gary Cole? Hmm... nice. ;))

  7. lol, I love your roast! I mean toast to our Ninja hero, lol
    Well done ;D

  8. Someone else said Tom Selleck and I totally agree!

  9. Jeremy you captured Alex's loves well. I'm with you, we should all show up at Alex's for breakfast :)


  10. Jeremy, I don't know how I haven't discovered your blog before. It ROCKS. And perfect tribute to Alex. Totally enjoyed your flash piece. It's clear you've got talent! Thanks so much for participating in this fest!

  11. Your custom banner is awesome, and I'm super glad to find a blog that's totally into zombies. Better get back to my brain-eating WiP. Thanks for participating! :)

  12. Oh my gosh! Your name is the MC's name! Small world! :D

  13. Gary's an excellent choice! Your blog looks very kewl!

  14. I'm surprised more people didn;t get a pic of kate Birkensdale in their posts. Nicely done!

  15. haha Kate and Rush. You know him well ;) Fun post!

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  16. Hi Jeremy - looks like you scored a big hit with the Capn ... and I meant to put Kate in mine - but forgot! But the banners are just great .. wish I could do those - perhaps a project for next year ... cheers Hilary

  17. I think you covered every aspect of Alex well.


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