HULK... SMASH! and Meet The Cast/Crew of The Collection!

Last day of the month and I don't think I tried to sell you anything... but I do have a "HULK" shirt that is available. Maybe a nice Christmas gift for someone.... It's sort of got a festive feel to it.

Left to Right: Emma Fitzpatrick [Actor], Josh Stewart [Actor], 
'The Collector', Marcus Dunstan [Director/Writer] and Patrick Melton [Writer]

And this weekend starts the sequel to "The Collector" called "The Collection" we had the great opportunity to go behind stage at the "DAYS OF THE DEAD" and meet the cast/crew after their awesome panel.You might know a few of them, my wife and mother swooned over Josh Stewart from his work in "Criminal Minds", so I made sure to meet him... It was another great experience for us at this show, but I want you to go see this movie. The first film was well-worth it, the second looks twice as fun.

So to everyone, have a great weekend... OH, OH, OH... wait a second I forgot to mention I am being nominated for favorite "OTHER" blog along with a few friends including Alex J. Cavanaugh... at "A PEEK AT KAREN'S WORLD"... thank you for the honor and if you all can [CLICK HERE] and vote.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


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  1. Days of the Dead? How very cool! I really need to move closer so I can go hang with you.

    1. it's been a good couple of weekends... i have one cool thing coming up soon, that is in the works... it would be cool, you and i would be cool friends.

  2. why are you exchanging glances with me.... I'm not your stranger in the night....

  3. DAYS OF THE DEAD, huh? Sounds like my last week at work! :-)


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