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Don't Get Me Wet, Hot is Okay... but Wet No Way...

Ahhhh... Ahhhh!
So the world of freelance is here and I am finding myself buried in it, this is a good thing. It looks like I am working on the interviews with some of the people I have met, so stories are coming... I just want to incorporate them together... Not that it's a big story or that my encounters with anyone are interesting for you to wait, so go on your journeys and they will come.

Can I ask you all do me a favor can you click over here, wait let me tell you why first... there might be a "redirecting bug" that takes you to another place force-ably... I don't see it. This means my computer protection is working well, so I don't get this bug... It's the "HBA" where the horror blogs come together. It might be the browser, but I need to find it... or shut it down... maybe someone might know how to turn it off? If you are not required to do this, I have been getting many emails from members stating this is happening.

Last thing I have a couple cd/blu-rays giveaways on the Howlin' Wolf... only a few folks are entered... free stuff people... things to look out for... the word "giveaways"... So the post sounds dirty, didn't it... but it is all part of my plan to bring you here... muhaha!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie] 

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  1. Last time I clicked on Horror Blog Alliance, the page froze. So there is definitely an issue. Perhaps some type of malware.

  2. I got a message that there's content with security certificate errors and the content is blocked.

  3. oh, sweet little Gizmo! Never feed him after the darkness falls!

  4. I love Gremlins! Such a fun movie. :D

  5. Gizmo is awesome! Now I have to go watch that movie again...

    Allison (Geek Banter)


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