Bubbles and The Fat Head!

What do you know, what are you hearing? 
Answer: I know nothing, I hear voices... and they sound like this...

2-XL was an educational toy in the shape of a robot that was introduced in 1978. 2-XL was the brainchild of Dr. Michael J. Freeman, who felt that toys should be both fun and educational. The toy was interactive, playing various tracks from a magnetic audio tape depending on the user's actions.

The toy was released in two different time periods. The 1978 release was produced by a toy company called Mego Corporation, and used 8-track tapes. It was brought back in 1992 by Tiger Electronics in a version that used cassette tapes rather than 8-Track.

The toy had two yellow light bulbs for eyes that flashed at various moments while the 8-track program tapes played, and he had four red push buttons on his stomach:
  • "Question"
  • "A or Yes Or True"
  • "B or More Info"
  • "C or No or False"
Help... the laughter is ringing... in my head.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]



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  1. I vaguely remember that toy. 8-track tapes. Wow.

  2. some kids really have the coolest of toys... poor little me only had plastic animals and a few crayons :(

  3. I think I had a friend with that toy. Great flashback. It's funny how interactive toys have given way to interactive video games. 2-XL and Teddy Ruxpin could be amazing with today's technology.


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