No Talkie about the Walking Dead!

Time is an issue and I have not seen one episode of "THE WALKING DEAD", yet... also lack of posts for the month of November as I have been trying to find the top of this heap... Hopefully you will all be here when I return to the regularly scheduled program.

I did get to go to a very cool "Haunted Halloween Flea Market" so the images are on the link... please check it out, when you can... and last and not least "THE DEAD" Score from Howlin' Wolf Records is out now... it's limited so please go hear some of the samples... it is really a great Cd of music...
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie] 


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  1. Wondered where you were today! No worries - you know I'll be here.

  2. I'm watching the new episode tonight :) Can't wait, I've heard Lori finally dies in it.... ah, what excitement!

  3. No worries like Alex said. I'll be here. :) Watch the WD as soon as you can.


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