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Hey, Turkey... Gobble, Gobble!

Okay, quick post and might be the last for this week, family and friends are coming in this week... so this Zombie has to prepare. I have to say that I have some great tellings and tolls... from this convention, you will not be disappointment. Also I am preparing to go to another ANIME Convention called "Kollision Con"... yes I know I am burying myself this time...

Some quick share stuff... met the cast and directors/writers of the new film sequel to "THE COLLECTOR" called "THE COLLECTION"... rubbed shoulders with a man from the group "SKINNY PUPPIES"... made friends with "THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO"...believe it or not... and last met a couple "JASON VOORHEES"....CHROME-SKULL... BREWSTER... JACK SKELENINGTON... and more.

And this I think is the only post I have made that has no photos/art/design...
See you all soon!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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  1. I really need to come hang with you so I can go to these conventions as well!

  2. tofurkey rules, down with turkey!


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