Monstrous Movie Music

Monstrous Movie Music

ABOUT Monstrous Movie MusicOur goal in this CD series is to re-record the scores from science-fiction, fantasy, and horror films of the past in a manner that's as faithful as possible to the original movie studio versions. 

 I would like to all to stop over and check out some of their scores to films like:

This Year:

-The Last Man on Earth 10/29/2012
-The Brain from Planet Arous / Teenage Monster 10/29/2012
-Destination Moon 10/29/2012
-Missile to the Moon / Frankenstein's Daughter 10/29/2012
-The McCullochs 3/20/2012
-Rocketship X-M 3/20/2012
-Kronos / The Cosmic Man 3/20/2012
-Ship of Fools 3/20/2012

Past Releases:

-This Island Earth (and other invasion films) [2006]
-Mighty Joe Young (and other Ray Harryhausen animation classics) [2006]
-Creature From The Black Lagoon And Other Jungle Pictures [2000]
-Monstrous Movie Music [1996]
-More Monstrous Movie Music [1996]

I only have nice things to say about this company that supplies us with "Top-Notch" scores to films that a classic Science Fiction to Horror and then some. They are the latest sponsors to our On-line Magazine and I know I am going to be a fan for a long time.

Below is one of my favorite films and finally I can listen to the score to "This Island Earth"... it's more than just music it's memories.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie] 


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  1. Cool idea. I bet they bring a lot of depth to the music.
    And does the This Island Earth disc come with an optional MST3K track?


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