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The Winner of the ZOMBIE PENCIL HOLDER...

Neatorama's "Zombie Pencil Holder" winner is "Kelly Robinson" of "Book Dirt", with over 60 entries and me using the randomizer 1 to 60.... we have the winner. I cannot believe all the entries that came in from adding me as a friend, visiting "Neatorama's Facebook" and comments... you all rocked this giveaway... Now Kelly please get back in touch with me, I sent you out an email...

Now I have been saving my recent order and cool prizes that I have gotten in the last couple of days and now I am going to make you all envy my stash. I got my bag of stuff from "Neatorama" and a sweet key chain from the "Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse"... it's a good day to be me!

So everyone have a great hump-day... and just remember it's not awkward until it's Brady Awkward.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]



  1. Congratulations to Kelly - and to you with all that cool swag.

  2. if she doesnt claim it, I got dibs! :D

  3. Completely awesome! I'm envying the stash...


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