Rest In Peace...

Rest In Peace...
Sorry we lost a dear friend and composer the other day... Please click the image, read his works and listen to the track, THANK YOU. APRIL HAS IT'S TEARS!!

Happy Tuesday! and 1000 Live Baby Turtles [Ninja-Style]... with a Dabble of Star Trek

It's like making preparations for soup!

Okay, here it is Tuesday and I have some more great... great news. I wanted to let you know a couple things... [Click on the title for direct link]
01. "A TO Z CHALLENGE" Reaches the 1000+ participants, it's still early... so join now!
02. "Zombtivities" Came in the mail, it is a great activities book, got to get me some crayons!
03. "CASSA-FIRE PRIZE PACKAGE" Winner.. yup it's me, yeah I know!

All these very cool things and for me and it's only Tuesday. Also I share the photo of me with George Takei and Nichelle Nichols just before I was to interview them. Now George was pointing out that cameras were to be shut off [as we had instructed, no need for flash] and he didn't know that it was our photographer at the time. So yes it was a great laugh and became a 30 minute interview with these folks, I think they are from the future? I am telling you all the stuff I said happened, happened... some of you think I am just one crazy person who makes up these stories...

I wanted to thank Alex, Brtinie and the A to Z Challenge Team for all the cool things that is making me want to do the Happy Dance!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]



  1. Congrats, we need a video of you doing the dance.....

  2. Sulu got some moves for an old guy. lol.

  3. I have tears in my eyes, that dance is awesome :)

  4. Jeremy, that's an awesome set of people to interview! How on earth do you meet all these cool stars?
    Really glad you won the prize package.

  5. That's a great way to begin a week:)

  6. Happy Tuesday! Where's your happy dance??? ;)

  7. I seldom watch much TV but I did catch the couple of episodes George was on the Celebrity Apprentice - he seems like an interesting person.
    How cool that you interviewed him...have I missed the post or is one coming?

    Also, I love his energy doing his Happy Dance! What spunk!

    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.


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