And the Winner is...

Pretty girls and their dates...
What is is funny about this few Oscar photos is the reaction they are getting, not because they cannot be dating to these lovely ladies its just in the suitor's eyes.... WTF is up with that leg anyway?

It's Finally Here... Jealous?

And the winner to the Netorama "Zombie Pencil Holder" will come soon, I had many more folks enter than I thought. Second no one entered the "Write the Caption" on Monday... well some were half way so that is okay, because it was a wrong picture. Today's videos work so well in the thoughts rolling out of my head... breathe it all in... and sing along, I won't tell.

Thank you everyone, Happy Friday!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]



  1. Glad you had a good turnout for the contest! And that's a really skinny leg.

  2. The videos really took me back:) I feel young and old at the same time now (in a good way).

  3. I haven't seen that Brady Bunch one in so long. My goodness.

  4. I'm stopping by on my rounds to thank all the kind folks for hosting the A to Z challenge. And what WAS up with Angelina and her shoving her leg out in every picture? It would have been much more sexy if she hadn't been trying so hard.

  5. What was Angelina doing with that leg! In that picture it almost looks like she might have a 3rd leg hidden under there! :D


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