Finding Nemo! and ZOMBIE Guests... and We Have A Winner!

Getting Relief
I am not sure if I am coming or going, so I just made a few quickies. Also how ads [in 1880s] still made for the ladies to be more thin than they physically could ever be. Damn you society. That Girl... has no ribcage!
Happy Friday!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

Ps. I have been crazy busy this last week or so, I forgot to mention the "A TO Z CHALLENGE" VIDEO WINNER... it's "RACHEL MORGAN WRITES"... so many great entries, so tough to choose just one. In my book you are all winners, so [CLICK HERE] for more info...

Musical Interlude:


  1. Good god that corset looks painful. lol.

  2. Corsets WERE painful! The desired waist size was unreal: 15"!! It was why there were fainting couches--duh! And broken ribs were not unheard of. Stupid styles!

    I've been working on edits to my third novel, which, by the way has my MC go to a parallel world that is stuck in the 1870's. I had to do some research on the outer and under garmets of that erra. Happy these went out of style!

  3. Their really is a Zombeatles band
    That corset looks hot wonder if my wife would like one.


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