Davy Jones... Here I Come... Walking Down the Street...

Rest In PEACE!

Sad thing is that Whitney Houston and Lindsey Lohan will generate more attention for being drug addicts and alcoholics than Davy Jones will for being an icon for a generation.  He will go quietly into the sun, while these others will continue to shine, my best to the all the family and friends... of this man... not just a Monkee.

-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]



  1. He's taken the last train to Clarksville, R.I.P...

  2. I loved him a lot and you're so right about him being an icon going quietly. He was the best and I will miss him. He was a huge part of my childhood.

  3. F'ing Marsha Marsha Marsha !
    Davey Jones will always be remembered from the tv classic reruns.

  4. He was a bit before my time but still bummed out that he is dead...

  5. I was sad when I heard about his death :-(

  6. Thank you so much for this tribute. So true that the ones getting the attention are the ones that track negative attention. Sad that life is like that!

  7. I've loved The Monkees since I was a little kid! Davy Jones' death gives me a real pang of sadness. That's a lovely photo of Davy Jones with Maureen McCormick. The Davy Jones episode of 'The Brady Bunch' was my favourite of that series.


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