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Is the Party Over... When the Zombies Get There?

It's Only Family, Until They Are Dead!
I have not had any zombies in like two months and you all still kept coming here... so I must be doing something right. So for those who have missed the zombies, I give you zombies... I have not seen the last couple of "The Walking Dead" episodes, so no one spoil it for me...

Happy Wednesday!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]



  1. You're lucky, two feckers at work spoiled me...

  2. I say its not a party until the zombies show up!

  3. OMG You are my new best friend. I LOVE ZOMBIES!! My husband thinks there is something wrong with me and my son is always asking why I like them... isn't it obvious? THEY RAWK!!

    2012 man!! 2012!!


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