Working with Composers: Scott Glasgow, BC Smith and Stevan Mena

Heather Moss [Tattoo SuperModel]: Immersed In Ink Tattoo Arts & Horror Festival

HEATHER MOSS: A successful entrepreneur, Heather Moss is more than just a pretty face. This stunning beauty is not only an amazing tattoo and swimsuit model, but also a hard working business woman, mommy and wife. She and her husband, Bobby Moss, own and operate their own state of the art tattoo parlor, in Glendale, AZ, Timeless Art Tattoo. http://heathermossmodeling.com/

I had no idea, who she was, just very beautiful... in my defense this was our first tattoo expo/festival and well there she was. Was I a cool talker, aaaahhhh... no!
-Jeremy [Retro]
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  1. Were you able to talk to her, or did you lose the ability to speak at that point...?


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