A to Z Challenge and or we have all gone a little Batty!

You all know this, but thank you... you made my April for the "A to Z Challenge" something great. I honestly didn't think anyone would make their way here and at the very least find my challenge interesting. I am going to share crazy amounts of stuff that I have been in the shadows working on, you know I do like to lurk around. I also hope to stop over and say "hello" those who are new and those keep stopping by everyday. So for that I give you a "BATS" video, one of those things that gives some of you the geebies.
-Jeremy [Retro]


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  1. Bats don't scare me. Rather interesting how they climb a branch, The one in the video must be a fruit bat.
    Challenge is over - go home!
    Wait, that's the end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off...
    Rocked the Challenge again this year. And all your badges and buttons were awesome. I saw several people thanking you yesterday for making them. You da man!

  2. I need to be bitten by a radioactive bat to become Bat-Man...

  3. Real bats always creep me out for some reason. I'm not scared of them, but they remind me of flying rats which I loathe.

  4. Most bats with Rabies caught it from infected moths.... and that white fungus is killing off a lot of Bats in this country... We enjoyed your A-Z posts....
    We too posted at our "Crypt"... just out of "Fun".... Gave us a "Daily Topic" to use

  5. You rock, Jer! (Do people call you Jer?)

    It's been a while… hope you are coping with life! I usually disappear during the A-Z month. Glad to see you survived! ;-)

  6. Thanks and Congrats to all who worked on and finished the challenge. I enjoyed it more this year then last; but not because it was really any different in structure. I'm not aware of any changes made from last year to this year; but do have several I hope will take place next year and will soon be writing and scheduling my reflections post.

    I'm continuing the a-z throughout the month of May...hoping it will keep me going, lol.

    Sandy at Traveling Suitcase


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