Anime Central: First Share and She is Lovely!!

YUKINO (Born July 8th, 1991) is a Japanese female vocalist and a radio personality. She was born in Fukuoka, and grew up in Yokohama. Yukino is a rising star in Japanese music industry today.

When Yukino was a child, she enjoyed singing American hard rock, funk, and R&B music. By the time she was a teenager, she dreamed to be a singer, and started vocal training with a voice trainer. Before she made her debut, her songs were used as theme songs of Japanese TV programs due to her characteristic voice and outstanding vocalization skills.

In February 2012, Yukino made her debut, and her first EP “You make me blue” was released by Nippon Columbia (Columbia Records in Japan). “RanTiKi” is one of Yukino’s most well-known songs as it was featured as the opening theme song of Japanese TV animation “BAKUMATSU GIJINDEN ROMAN,” which was designed by MONKEY PUNCH, the original creator of the “LUPIN THE THIRD” series.

Her 1st full album “VOCALIZE” was unveiled in March, 2013. Needless to say, “RanTiKi” is the lead track of this album. You can enjoy her powerful, sexy and sensitive vocal styles in many genres such as jazz, funk, rock, R&B, dance, and ballad.

Yes... Yes she is lovely, we got a meet and greet... as part of the Anime Central list of who's who! More to come... she sings for us and it will be for everyone's ears.
-Jeremy [Retro]

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  1. She does have an amazing voice. Has a sultry edge. And she's a pretty young lady to boot.

  2. She has a very surprising sound. I expected it to be soulful, but not as gritty and powerful. No wonder she's so popular Jeremy.

  3. Not what I was expecting but man was that pretty cool. Old time sound with a great voice.


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