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Not seen the film, but they sure make some great equipment if we should ever need to travel to the outer reaches of our solar system. So is this film worth seeing it in the theater, rent it or own it... I have always enjoyed the Alien series... I heard mixed reviews, so I am letting you tell me.

Like a Happy Meal for Aliens
Happy Bursting Thursday!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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  1. Interesting! I enjoyed the film, even with it's huge plot holes. It at least brought some interesting ideas to the table, and there's some scenes in it that made me wince.

  2. I liked it when we saw it in 3D, but not sure I'd buy it.

    You should see it first. If you like and own the Alien series, you might want to own this.

    I like that transport in the ads. It would work well in my novel.

  3. I haven't seen it either. I really wanted to catch it in the theater, but I didn't make it.

  4. Happy meal for aliens - hilarious!
    I thought it was all right, but the more I thought about the movie, the less I liked it. Doubt I'll ever watch it again.

  5. it's getting a sequel, it was announced yesterday :)


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