Girl With A Gun...

 Have you all see the FEAST films?
So today I am heading for a shoot in the afternoon, it should be interesting... though I am an assistant so no photos from me. Talking about Festivals here is a few photos from the "Bristol Renaissance Faire" just upon walking in the door.

 It's not WICKER MAN, people!
Not sure what that blue thing was, but there were a handful of creative creatures running around, if you were lucky you got to see them... the little girl in the first photo was so adorable, she was like a ninja it was difficult to capture her.

Have you guys entered the CONTESTS, there are THREE
going on that all end on FRIDAY!

I cannot make it any bigger, well I can... that would just be weird.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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  1. I do believe it must be cold in there. lol.

  2. Great photos Jeremy. That blue guy tells a story.

  3. She is excited about that shotgun! I loved a Renaissance once...then I ate a turkey leg, I weirdly think about that every time I hear Beck's "Loser".


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