Freakin' Hot Friday...

Force is Strong!
So it looks like to lack of funds and prior commitments I won't be able to get to the convention this year, but it is okay cause I have more favorites like "Orli Shoshan" [Shaak Ti] and "Bonnie Piesse" [Beru] from the Star Wars Franchise... you may have heard of it. At this point I am sharing photos of nice people taking the time to let me chat with them and honestly not charge me for a photo op. Nice people!

So what are you all doing this weekend for me it looks like I am saving a few dollars and just staying home... I say BOO to Mrs. Zombie. Though not to loud I don't want her to hear it, she is mad this week I shared the ladies of Sci-Fi pretty much the whole week. 

I also wanted to mention that I did a interview with my friend "Dave Sills" musical artist over at the "HOWLIN' WOLF" and there is a GIVEAWAY... yes another one, it's an easy one too. So please stop over, no... I mean go there now and read it... this is after you watch the video below featuring the lovely "Bonnie Piesse".
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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  1. She really didn't expect you to post about the guys of science fiction all week, did she? I've been glued to women's beach volleyball for two weeks and my wife just laughs about it.
    Sorry you'll be staying home this weekend.

  2. Star Wars and hot women? I'm all over that!!

  3. I've never cared that hubs likes looking at the female form, lol! I grew up with 7 brothers so it's pretty normal and not a big deal. I tend to tease hubs quite a bit and now my son who is soon to be 18 when their eyes pop.

    Orli Shoshan is beautiful.

    Sorry to hear about the change in plans for the convention. 'Twas the same for me this year. Oh well, there is always next year!

    Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

  4. I hit the same thing with my wife and the "Babes" posts Jeremy. We had to mix it up with dudes. Orli Shoshan is very easy on the eyes. It's hard to tell with all the make-up and latex bits.

  5. With all these posts about the babes of sci fi, I just may have to do an all male sci fi review. :)

    Orli's got some cool make up. She must be from that abomination known as the prequels. I saw those movies precisely one time each and I will never watch them again. There is only one Star Wars trilogy and that is the original with Luke, Leia, Han and Lando.


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