And the WINNERS Are?

Monkey'd Again!
Fooled You... coming soon, you have one more day to enter I extended it to Midnight Tonight... why you ask, because I can. So go look at the last post and follow it... if not I will send this crazy monkey to your house and he will eat all your potato salad!!!

Arnold is BACK... "The Last Stand"
What did you all do this weekend, I got to meet Eddie Munster [Details Coming]! Ever just have a song stick in your head, well I cannot tell you how I love this song... thought hey let me share it.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie] 


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  1. Monkey would be disappointed at our house.
    "I met Eddie Munster." Not what most people would say they did with their weekend!

  2. I've no potato salad, let him come :)

  3. Apu to you too. ;) Can't wait to hear more about Eddie Munster. The Munsters were my favorite show along with The Addams Family. I wanted to live with them

  4. Disco Lady--hahaha. I did a modeling show to that song one time. Not an easy song to model to. Oh no, now I have an ear worm for the day.

  5. LOL you got me with the monkey man. Great song.


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