For Share... Wednesday!

Know It, Share It!
I wanted to get into the growing trend of things you might recognize and if you do "SHARE IT" and these are my contributions. I am interested in the virtual photo bombs... so steal, borrow or take these. I put them up on my couple Facebook places and Tumblr, to see where they might end up... maybe no where.

Yes I am a NERD, DORK or GEEK... and I am damn proud of it!!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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  1. I know all of them!
    Ironically I was just thinking of the Road Warrior this morning. What does that mean?

  2. I've always adored Animal from the Muppets! Such a delightful character!

  3. Hey! It's Wez!! I was thinking about watching Mad Max today before I saw this pop up in my Reader.

  4. Great images Jeremy. I'll try and blitz the internet with the sci-fi ones. The Road Warrior one is the only one that makes me pause. I can't remember his name!

  5. I knew the Road Warrior one as soon as I saw the pic in my reader list. Is the dog Cujo?? Knew all but a couple (the comic ones).


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