Bristol Renaissance Faire and ME!

All Hail!
Just a couple more of the photos that I had taken, as the day went on it was difficult to tell the actors from the regular people. Maybe you would like to try, this place became so much fun... when you forget who you are and that these people were like gypsies.

Soul Stealing!!
This guy had me and my friend Steve escorted out of France back to the Spaniard boats because we crossed the bridge and said we were witches. Okay let me explain he asked us what the strange box [digital camera] was around our necks, my response was it was "STEALING HIS SOUL". We had a choice to the be in the stockades or return to Spain where us sorcerers belonged. It was funny the guard came a pushed us back across the bridge, I can only say that was "AWESOME"... so what did you think I told everyone from that point on?
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
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  1. That you had been deported for witchcraft?

  2. Looks like you had much fun.


  3. What lurker said!
    The photos are very expressive, Jeremy. You capture people well.
    Guess that's because you are capturing their soul!

  4. Thanks for sharing Jeremy! You have a lot more fun at Renaissance festivals than I do. At least they didn't check to see if you weighed as much as a duck.

  5. Looks like you captured a good crop of souls this trip... Arr!


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