Where Have I Been All Week?

It's Friday and I am in love... well I always love something.
I have been working on getting my book site up for "Chatterbox", working on my "Tumblr" and finally making available some of this art/designs I have been telling you about. I keep getting kicked in the man-junk from slipping in the shower on Monday, to the no job/unemployment thing coming to a halt soon and finally the this excitement of them making the new Superman movie not to far from where I live. 

I have been hurling towards the sun and let me tell you it's hot, so you can buy my stuff from art to my book... and remember I am for hire to design your horror and graphic needs. I am only asking cause I might be burning in space, I am always near my computer...

I have some great friends out there and you all know who you are giving me help and advice this last couple of weeks, I have found strength and rejuvenation to keep moving forward. If there were anything I could say to them and that is, "there are ghost in space".

So I hobble.
-Jeremy [iZombie]

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  1. Great to hear you are keeping busy!! and keep up the awesome work!! :)

  2. And glad you decided to put your book up for sale!


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